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Interesting Language Arts to remember

Some tips I wish knew before when writing

Who or Whom

The word who is used when the pronoun is the subject completing the action, and the word whom is used when the pronoun is a direct object receiving action.

The teacher is a knowledgeable instructor who truly cares about her students

In this case, the teacher is performing the action: she truly cares about her students.

Carol was not sure to whom she was speaking.

Here, Carol performed the action of speaking. The person to whom she spoke was the recipient of her action.

Dependent and independent clauses are important in understanding how and when to use commas and semicolons.

A comma can be used to join a dependent clause with an independent clause:

Even though it was cold outside, we went camping anyway.

A comma can join two independent clauses, if followed by coordinating conjunctions for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so or FANBOYS.

A crowd gathered outside the building, and the protestors began to seem restless.

Semicolons join two independent clauses without conjunctions though transitional words like however, nevertheless, and therefore.

The evidence against the defendant was strong; nevertheless, the defendant was acquitted.

Active vs. Passive Voices

Active verbs are those that express action directly. When you use an active verb, the sentence typically shows the agent performing the action:

Raquel purchased the clock

Raquel is the agent performing the action, purchased is the verb indicating the action and the clocks the object acted upon. Active voice sentences tend to contain sentence components in this order:

Agent + action + object

Because active sentences often show the agent and the action directly, they tend to be straightforward in meaning and easily understood.

Passive voice sentences emphasizes the object that received the action:

The clock was purchased by Raquel.

Typically components are in this order:

Object + action + agent

Some passive sentences may not even include the agent of action at all:

The clock was purchased this morning.

In this sentence, it’s not clear who purchased the clock. Because passive sentences tend to deemphasize the agent of the action, they can see more obscure in meaning than active sentences. Passive sentences can even be used on purpose to obscure meaning:

A decision was made to terminate your emp0loyment.

Passive verbs are also used to convey meaning with constructions such as it is or it was:

It is anticipated that the ceremony will last for hours.

To identify passive sentences, look for helping verbs such as the “be” verbs is, are, we, were, and will be. Sentences in the passive voice contain helping verbs.

The tree will be cut down next summer.



Birthday Goals

Another Nov 24, means its time to reveal my plans for the new year. I know that I haven’t touched this blog for a good while, mainly due to being so involved on my world-building blog: Arcane Realm. But now I have a plan to start putting content on my first blog again so I hope you bear with me here:


  • Reviews of new media I find

For example, there are a bunch of seldom seen books at the library I read that I feel would be great idea to do quick reviews on the site

  • Fan Comic

I’ve had an idea for a comedic online comic using characters of franchises that mean a lot to me, and I’ve decided to show the strips on this blog as well as concept art.

  • Infrequent Fanart

I will be posting fan art here too.



September Drawings

Now that September is here, I had an idea I wanted to try and willing to share with my followers. I want to do a few new things but before I do, I wanted to see if my ideas are anything anybody actually wants to see. One of my first is that every week in September, I will do a pencil drawing of a single character of one of my current favorite fandoms. Here’s the part where you come in, I will set up a poll with a set of characters from a certain series where my followers get to pick which one I do that week. Hopefully this will be the beginning of me listening to my audience feedback and find out what they would like, thanks for the support.

I will also be posting this announcement to
Deviantart: http://jdtcreates.deviantart.com/
Tumblr: https://www.tumblr.com/blog/jdtcreatesme
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JDTcreates-1583375991911008/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel

Fanwork Recommends

The Return of Dani Phantom by R.tistiC


So picture this, two years after Phantom Planet, the series Grand Finale. Danny Phantom is still the Hero of World though a few organizations like Guys in White seem him as threat. Also Danielle been on her own all this time until she comes back to Amity Park.
Going through the motions a bit, it starts with her getting hit by a device that makes her lose her powers until she slowly regains with help from one of Danny’s Ghost Zone allies. Then its kind of a mini mystery to find out where is Amity Park’s hero and why the town is overrun with ghosts.

 photo 2014-02-17124655_zps9fe622f3.jpg

What I like about it
There a lot I like about it personally, first you should know that I like Dani Phantom, part of me reading this because I wish she had more than two episodes (and a brief cameo at the end). I tend to have a tendency to like underutilized characters with a lot of potential and Dani fits that bill.
Now here’s where I do my best not to spoil the story via moments (Sure the story is 8 years old but I only found it two years ago and I want new readers for this story):

-While the Ghosts are still fought, the few non-ghosts in the Rogues Gallery seem to be the major antagonists and drive the drama, making it pretty different in that regard.
-Danny’s improvement with his powers ( Duplication, Ice powers)
-The divergence given to Dani’s powers. It goes to show how much the author notices things about the characters like how Danielle can do ghost ray kicks unlike Danny. ( In the comments you can say whether or not, but I can’t recall Danny using energy kicks). And this borders on spoiler territory but as an extension to this, Danielle comes up with her own super move, kinda her unique counterpart to Danny’s Ghostly Wail that think really fits her.
 photo Dani_ghost_ray_kick_zpscu7kl1yo.jpg

-How it addresses one of dangling plot lines scrapped in the final season (i.e. that the Fentons were planned to adopt Danielle). And just seeing how she feels about each of the Fenton’s is great too.

Dislike/Could have improved

 photo UJ 15_zpskndjfh1g.jpg


There’s not much I dislike and I’m not going to get too emotional over an 8 year old story where the writer has gotten better. Its mostly just nitpicks to show what not to do when writing or a matter of personal taste.
-The 2 year timeskip in that overall it doesn’t seem to necessary, that is the story would be almost the same without it. Though the author admits that it so certain characters don’t recognize Danielle at first so I don’t have a real problem with it.
-I’m mixed on the ending but I doesn’t ruin the story for me and it does end on a good (but unexpected note) I can talk about it more in the comments to people who read the story if they want since I’m trying not to spoil.
-So I had to address the touchy subject on describing about certain characters. Let me make it clear, I don’t have a problem with saying a character is African American, its just weird it being brought up when nobody else’s background is brought up. I know its to let people new to the Phandom or forgot what the look like have an idea but yeah. My solution would be to simply replace “African-American” with dark or brown skin, short,sweet and fixes my real issue, keeping the flow of the story without being too distracting.

 photo http3A2F2F38.media.tumblr.com2Ftumblr_mbnex9vkm51rc2gc6o3_400_zpsln2xudpe.gif

So as one of the first Danny Phantom I fics, about a character that never got explored as well as she could of you bet this one is one of my favorites. This one gets my special rating of Must Read, especially if you are Danny Phantom fan with an appreciation for Dani Phantom and her bond with Danny and wanted her arc materialized in some form.
Here is a link below:
Should note there is a sequel but I might review that sometime in the future. Until then, wait for the next Cartoon Fanwork recommend. Don’t be afraid to comment or request some (good) ones!

Ghulat Wars

From my Arcane Realm Blog

Arcane Realm

The Ghulat Wars were a series of conflicts first fought between the invading army of Shaytan and the Djinn. It eventually expanded to include forces from the Celestial Pantheons and Faerie Courts in an effort to contain the rapidly expanding hordes. In total the wars lasted roughly 120,000 years, give or take 500.

The Set Up

As life flourished for Djinn on Kaf, another near forgotten race of jinn known as the Shaytan were extracting various resources on their homeworld and solar system. With their progress they were able to create an armed spacefleet designed to establish an interstellar empire. Ever expanding, they set their sights on Kaf’s solar system and planed to add it to their collection.

The Wars

At first the Shaytan did reconnaissance on the lifeforms of Kaf and attempted to subtly exract the planets resources to weaken the populous into submission. Natives like Djinn and…

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Why Fantasy?

L.M. White

I’ve been thinking about this lately. It may seem obvious or inconsequential, but all the same it’s interesting to think about. Where is fantasy stronger against other genres? Why do we choose to tell these stories at all?

Why write fantasy at all?

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The Feminine and Masculine Journeys

Sharper Stories

The Hero’s Journey is the most well known of the “journey” story structures. But there are two other, lesser known ones: the Feminine Journey and the Masculine Journey. Before I go further, know that although the names of these structures refer to gender, they have little to do with the actual gender of the character involved. These plot archetypes are actually based on the stories of two Sumerian gods: Inanna (feminine) and Gilgamesh (masculine).

These journeys are character driven. They are both centered around the character going through some type of major internal growth. The main difference being that in the Masculine Journey, the character is supported in his quest. In the Feminine Journey, the character is not supported.

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Watch “Susan Sarandon Broke Up With Hillary” on YouTube

Now technically 2 or 3 are closed but most are semi-closed or open which favors him. And I know he’s trying to push for questions but c’mon Bernie strategy was to get superdelagates from the get go, they go to the candidate with the most pledged in theory. Susan does know her stuff so lets hope Hillary Clinton makes through on most of her promises, cause people have right to be skeptical on her foreign policy, economic, and especially bank breaking promises.

Infographic: The Health Benefits of Reading

reading about why to read

Nicholas C. Rossis

Designer Raphael Lysander has produced this beautiful Infographic on the health benefits of reading, first published on his excellent blog. The image features statistics on how reading can help with stress relief, mental skill development, and forming relationships:


If you wish to print this Infographic, it’s available on Zazzle.

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