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This character profile will be continually updated with new info as more stories are made

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Suleiman Aysehafsa is a Jinn-Homin hybrid who travels around Kaf in lost relic vehicle train.
Suleiman Character Sheet
Character Profile
Name: Suleiman Aysehafsa
Species: Djinn/Homin
Ethnicity: Si’lat/Jungle
Sex: Male
Common Vessel: Humanoid
Height: 4’3″/129.5 cm
Weight:73 lbs/33 kg
Skin Color: Olive
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown


His most common and natural form is that of a young man with black hair with thin mustache and beard. His skin is a light olive brown color. He almost always has prehensile homin feet but will switch to typical humanoid feet when taking long walks and hikes. The majority of the time he will stick with a tail and two arms but he can grow four it he needs to multi-task.

Suleiman usually wears baggy beige pantaloons and his multicolored striped overcoat sown together by his father.


His mother is a Si’lat Jinn and his father is a Homin of the jungle cline. They met when his mother and older sister escaped from persecution from their home country of Jinnistan. She met his father who was one of the few males left in their band that was recently isolated due to a violent disagreement that caused them to separate from the larger group. Eventually they found the village of Erisija and formed a loving relationship, leaving Suleiman to become the first of their three children.

As he grew up in his father’s Erisija village, interacting with the homin children and learning about his jinn abilities and culture from his mother and his sister. He also has his baby brother as a playmate during his older years until his mother decided to send him to the Jinnistan university for higher learning beyond his neighborhood.

At college his learned new principles of nature and magic, coming back between breaks to meet his young sister. After his graduation, his was invited to join Jinnistan’s Committee of Natural Sciences and Technology but ran away from it and djinn society as he became disillusioned about their policies with other species. Not long after, he happened across an ancient Caravan train in an abandoned ruin that he soon decided to travel the world in.


One of the driving forces of Suleiman is seeking to understand everything, and his a strong lust for knowledge and appreciation of beauty as natural ‘outlook’ traits rather than learned behavior (that is he is driven by a deep internal sense of personal wonderment). He also has a strong sense of right and wrong, becoming deeply upset if things are ‘wrong’ according to his own sense of rightness. This often leads to him becoming argumentative, though in a calm (or distressed, if met with aggression) analytical way based on reasoning rather than aggression and intimidation, seeking to convince people rather than merely having them submit. He is also very tenacious and can’t merely let things go, because he usually is so deeply moved and concerned by things; the things he can argue about mean a lot to him, generally speaking.



Scheherazade Aysehafsa- His Si’lat Djinn mother who gave birth to him in Erisija village. Originally a biological anthropologist who studied tribes of homins she stayed with this one permanently to avoid her abusive ex-husband. She was the one who showed Suleiman and her following children their jinn abilities, culture, his religion, as well as admitting him to Jinnistan University.

Somchai Suleiman’s father who is a Jungle Homin from the Zomia Tropics. He was made one of his band’s adults at the age of 12 due to a low number of men after being separated from their larger tribe. After finding the Jiniri, Scheherazade, he intrigued her long enough to stay with their band in order to find a proper settlement. During the search, the two became intimately closer and despite initial warnings and protest, they fell in love.

Fakiha Aysehafsa- His older Si’lat Djinn sister from his mother’s previous marriage with a si’lat djinn and the eldest of her siblings. Suleiman would often look to her to learn innate jinn abilities that their mother might have forgotten or didn’t want him to abuse around the human children. She left the village to become a popular singer referring to progressive and social issues but often visits during tours.

Ismail Aysehafsa -Suleiman’s younger brother who was his major playmate during their youth in the village.

Huda Aysehafsa -The youngest of the Mazaman siblings. She was barely a toddler when Suleiman left his village to attend higher education in the Jinn run cities. Now as a child, he rekindles their relationship by teaching her things about his travels at home.

Kanya “Roxelana” Srisati – Jungle Homin  that Suleiman marries when he returns  to Erisija Village. He is very protective of her during their early years of marriage but overtime her comes to trust her judgment more often.

He also is very fond of sharing things that he seen outside of the Zomia Tropics as well as explaining the everyday natural science applications that he feels go unnoticed with her. As such, he is very fond of traveling with her to new places to see her reactions. Generally he worries about how about how to make his explanations and small lectures interesting to her so he greatly appreciates her encouragement and feedback.

Zhang He

Abilities and Powers

Suleiman’s homin nature and upbringing gives him the following:

Arboreal Locomotion- Living most of his childhood in the trees, he is an expert in moving through them quickly and efficiently.

Suleiman’s jinn nature grants him the following abilities:

Shape Changing: Suleiman is an innate polymorph who can stretch, deform, expand, or compress his entire body or parts thereof, extending to his clothes, into any contiguous shape he can imagine for a variety of uses.

  • Elongation: Suleiman can extend his limbs, torso, or neck to great distances.
  • Size Alteration: Suleiman possesses the power to increase and decrease his size. His physical strength also grows in proportion to his current size.
Accelerated Healing: He can also regenerate his body at the cellular level, allowing him to survive most forms of damage to his limbs and lower torso although it may weaken or outright fail with a constant need in a short amount of time. Also unlike full Djinn, he has vital organs, damage to which will cause him to go into healing coma which could leave him venerable.

Superhuman Strength/Speed: Suleiman can control the electrical impulses to his muscles, giving him more motor neuron commitment for specific tasks and exceptional strength or speed.

Spectral Sight: The ability to visually see etheric objects and energies.

Etheric Matter Form – Half-Jinn have the ability to convert their corporeal body into ethereal matter, rendering them invisible and intangible to normal matter and able touch to spectral objects. For most of his early life, Suleiman had a hard time controlling it, he was only able to have his hands become immaterial or his match his vision to see it. As an adult,  he can do it full body for longer periods of time.

  • Flight– His etheric body can fly at great speeds
  • Possession– In etheric form, he can enter a corporeal body, reading or influencing its thoughts or attempt to take control. Whether Suleiman succeeds is dependent on if his willpower is stronger than his host.
Suleiman is an accomplished mage, capable of both raw sorcery and ordered spellcraft due to his ancestry. His style primarily uses magic with the intent to defend, distract, or restraint, rather than use outright offensive or lethal means.

Static Cling
Divine Winds
Current Line
Clothing Rearrangement
Sonic Boomerang
Personal Twister
Electric Magnet Levitation

Sorcery Skills
Strength Tether
Arm Buckler
Mana Wall
Healing Cast


Duvet-a pillow enchanted by residual magic, allowing to float and carry it’s owner. Given to him by his mother as a child.

Valdo– an ancient vehicle consisting of four caravans linked together. Each of the wagon is large enough to serve as its own living space, with the first one holding the control console. Together the caravans operate like a train and collectively move along.  Suleiman discovered it in an abandoned Lunarian ruin of the Central rainforest. Despite its rustic outward appearance and 19th century amenities, the technology making it up is very advanced as the bottom allows it act as a hovercraft and float above terrain.

This character’s name was referenced from an alternative spelling of Solomon. As such many of his family members also have names related to people Solomon interacted with. He is also draws inspiration from Suleiman the Magnificent, a Sultan during the Ottoman Empire’s Golden Age.


The early steps of a Book Series

I might have mentioned on this blog before that one of the things I am undertaking is a book series for children: Vanessa Fly Trap.

And as such I have thought about a variety of things such as how many books do I want to make?, what format sholuld they be in?, where can I find a publisher who promotes book series for kids well? What should the first one be about? And there are probably more questions I should be asking about this.

Normally I write down my musings in a small notebook planner but today, I decided to blog about it. The first three books have the most developed plots so far but for I have a general idea of the conflicts and themes touched upon. Namely the books that I’m currently thinking about for the Vanessa Fly Trap series:
1.Flea Fury
Themes: Environmentalism, but mostly just silly fun
2.Time to Potty
Themes: Potty Training, Gender Roles, Girl’s Choices
3.A Cold War
Themes:Immune System, Public health
4. Signature Style
Themes:Ethnic Identity & Awareness
5. Wushu Fighting
Themes:Martial Arts, Exercise
6. Park Prospects
Themes: NYC Landmarks, Outdoors
7. Ghost with the Most
Themes: Paranormal? *
8. Downtown Flower
9. No Child Bored Again
Themes: Education (Public/Private)
10. Resturant Ruckus

*I only put that there because I realized during this post that my “themes” were more like morals for common subjects. Having ghost in the title is a dead give away for paranormal but it’s not really a topic that I want to be the moral of a children’s book. Maybe it can be a another simply entertainment book, we’ll see.

Vanessa Fly Trap Characters: Victor Sprout

Victor Sprout is a 4 year old Venus Fly Trap and the little brother of Vanessa.



He is a small fly-trap, a little more than half of his sister’s height, with short brown hair. He most often wears a solid red shirt with jean overalls.


Victor outwardly makes himself reserved to others and especially polite to adults. This makes him seem reclusive to most, especially to his sister. Most of his time is spent is taking up gaining knowledge or building various things he thinks will benefit himself or others. He prefers going at his own pace but once he deems something is ready, he craves wanting to demonstrate his work to his friends. However he doesn’t like to being put into social situations by others, as seen by him resisting his sister’s attempts to bring him into them.

His interests lie mainly in the natural sciences mainly in biology and physics, as well as engineering as he incorporates these disciplines in the devices he makes and invents. As such he strongly defends studying science against those who don’t see the need. Often he will perform small scale experiments he finds or construct his own. A good number sometimes collecting what’s left behind from his family although sometimes they have to remind him about their personal space.

Likes: Robots, Trains, Clockwork, Doctor Who, Natural Sciences, Engineering, Sharing his knowledge with familiar faces
Dislikes: His sister pulling him into situations, public speaking, meeting new people,
Hobbies: Tinkering, Surfing the web, performing experiments, inventing household gadgets, collecting samples from family members and his friends.


  • Vanessa is his biological older sister
  • Elizabeth is his adoptive mother
  • Georges is his adoptive father
  • Tony is his adoptive older brother
  • Kate is his adoptive older sister


  • Martin
  • Donna


  • Constructing small machines
  • working with electronics and circuitry
  • Building labor saving devices around the house

Spectrals, Spooks, and Spirit Creatures

The arcane realm being the mystical place that is, naturally has spirits up, down and all round. This post is meant to collect all my world-building thoughts on this world’s metaphysics

Spiritual Matter and Energy

In this post, Spectral=spiritual but spectral sounds cooler.

 Spectral is immaterial matter that doesn’t interact with normal matter and in most cases light. Interestingly, it does have some weird version of mass as it drifts within gravitational fields of normal celestial bodies and definitely those of spectral matter. As such in the contemporary eras, it is speculated have counterparts to everyday materials and energies.

Spirits are beings composed of spectral matter which while intangible with normal stuff, can at least interact with itself, meaning spirits can touch spectral objects, materials imbued with spectral energy, and be affected by spiritual energy psychokinesis (PKE). Unlike most corporeal beings, their mass can often behave similar to fluids (like liquids and gases).

The idea was influenced a bit by dark matter, mainly the not interacting with baryonic matter part, but I wouldn’t go far as saying that spirits are made of dark matter in story. Although I have been playing around with the idea of spectral comets and asteroids.

A Look at Writing Stories

The other day I was online when I found a survey from a blog I was following on tumblr. It was about writing so I took because I had time to spend. What I didn’t expect was that the options would get me thinking about what I write and how I right. Usually where taught that labels stifle our creativity but in my case, they exposed me to things I hadn’t heard or gave a name to something that I couldn’t find the words to describe to someone else.

So anyway, here are the significant parts fro the survey that I edited a bit for the post:


How Long Have You Been Writing?
o Less than One Year
o Less Than Two Years
o Less Than Three Years
o Less Than Four Years
o Less Than Five Years
o More Than Five Years

Do You Want to Be Published?
o Yes
o No
o Unsure
Have You Been Published?
Either traditionally or through self publishing. Does not include literary journals.
o Yes
o No
o I am currently going through the publishing process (i.e., you either have a contract with a publisher or you have started self publishing), but my story has not yet been published
o I am currently looking for an agent or a publisher

 Genre Information
What Genres Do You Write?
o Adventure, Action, Espionage (spy)
o Comedy, Satire
o Contemporary, Modern, Realistic
o Crime, Detective, Mystery
o Drama
o Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Modern Fantasy, Heroic/Epic Fantasy, Fairy Tales, Dark Fantasy, etc.
o Historical, Alternate History
o Horror, Thriller, Gothic Fiction, Noir
o Literary Fiction
o Romance, Erotic Fiction
o Science Fiction, Punk Genres (steam, cyber, etc.), Dystopian, Apocalyptic/Post Apocalyptic, Alien Invasion, etc.
o Mixed Genres (for example: Science Fantasy, Historical Romance, Paranormal Romance)

What Age Groups Do You Write?
o Children’s
o Middle Grade
o Young Adult
o New Adult
o Adult

What Types of Stories Do You Write?
o Short Stories
o Novellas
o Novels
o Book Series



See definitions of these genres here:
What Subgenres Do You Write?
o Arthurian
o Celtic
o Contemporary/Modern
o Dark Fantasy – fantasy combined with horror
o Fairy Tales, Fairy Tale Retellings
o Gaslamp – Edwardian/Victorian setting or technology
o Heroic/High/Epic
o Historical
o Magical Realism
o Medieval
o Mythological – covers all stories dealing with gods, deities, spirits, demons, etc.
o Norse/Germanic
o Paranormal Romance
o Portal Fantasy
o Science Fantasy
o Superhero
o Supernatural/Paranormal – vampires, werewolves, ghosts, etc.
o Sword and Sorcery
o Sword and Soul – S&S, but Afro-centric
o Urban Fantasy

o Wuxia: A genre in which the protagonist learns a martial art and follows a code. This genre is popular in Chinese speaking areas.


See definitions of these genres here:
What subgenres do you write?
o Dark Fantasy
o Gore
o Gothic
o Hauntings
o Horror (general)
o Lovecraftian
o Noir
o Supernatural/Paranormal
o Psychological
o Thriller


What Subgenres Do You Write?
o Historical Romance
o Contemporary/Modern
o Erotic
o Gothic
o Paranormal Romance
o Other:

See definitions of these genres here:
What Subgenres Do You Write?
o Alien Invasion
o Apocalyptic/Post Apocalyptic
o Artificial Intelligence/Robots/Androids/etc.
o Cyberpunk, cyberspace
o Steampunk
o Other “punk” genres
o Dystopian/Utopian
o Hard Sci-Fi (realistic science)
o Military
o Space Opera
o Parallel Universe/Alternate Universe/Multiverse
o Science Fantasy
o Time Travel
o Soft Sci Fi (scientific detail is low and does not have to be accurate)


Anyways, I think this will be great for helping me define what and how I would like to write in the future. Also here’s a link to the survey while it remains active, enjoy!

10 Tribes That Avoided Modern Civilization

Uncontacted people make for a good look at culture based world building.

World Population Rise – From 1 Million to 10 Billion


Let’s Talk Science Fiction and Fantasy

Petit Rocks!

Let’s Talk Science Fiction and Fantasy 

Sometimes people hear of these two genres and think only of spaceships, lasers, and aliens or a long-ago world who has replaced any technology with magic and filled its kingdoms with dwarves and elves. For some people that seems awesome, and for others it seems awful. But no matter which group you’re in, it’s worth stepping beyond those tropes and exploring the diversity of the genres.

For me, I like things that incorporate elements of science fiction and fantasy, but might not be the go-to books on someone’s list in those genres. Things like Alice in Wonderland, World War Z, and anything by Neil Gaiman. I like magic in my dramas, horror in my science fiction, and fantasy in my romance. And I think dystopian literature is pretty cool from the overt, like The Hunger Gamesto the subtle, like 

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Doctor Who: Robot of Sherwood Recap


The Doctor and Clara dove into 12th century England this week to battle aliens alongside none other than Sherwood Forest’s most famous thief. “Robot of Sherwood” makes a brief departure from the “darker” Doctor we’ve been introduced to and shows a whimsy (even if more campy) side of the Time Lord, complete with rigged archery contests, spoon fencing (?),  and a band of Merry Men—with some robot aliens thrown in for good measure, of course. In its latest installment, the show pulls away from its scifi roots and enters the world of fantasy as Capaldi shows us that the Twelfth Doctor does have a playful side and is capable of delivering some side-splitting humor with more than a touch of Scottish cynicism.

The humorous back and forth bickering between the Doctor and Robin Hood was what carried most of the episode. The humorous back and forth bickering between the Doctor and Robin Hood was what carried most of the episode.

The episode opens with the Doctor asking Clara to…

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