The early steps of a Book Series

I might have mentioned on this blog before that one of the things I am undertaking is a book series for children: Vanessa Fly Trap.

And as such I have thought about a variety of things such as how many books do I want to make?, what format sholuld they be in?, where can I find a publisher who promotes book series for kids well? What should the first one be about? And there are probably more questions I should be asking about this.

Normally I write down my musings in a small notebook planner but today, I decided to blog about it. The first three books have the most developed plots so far but for I have a general idea of the conflicts and themes touched upon. Namely the books that I’m currently thinking about for the Vanessa Fly Trap series:
1.Flea Fury
Themes: Environmentalism, but mostly just silly fun
2.Time to Potty
Themes: Potty Training, Gender Roles, Girl’s Choices
3.A Cold War
Themes:Immune System, Public health
4. Signature Style
Themes:Ethnic Identity & Awareness
5. Wushu Fighting
Themes:Martial Arts, Exercise
6. Park Prospects
Themes: NYC Landmarks, Outdoors
7. Ghost with the Most
Themes: Paranormal? *
8. Downtown Flower
9. No Child Bored Again
Themes: Education (Public/Private)
10. Resturant Ruckus

*I only put that there because I realized during this post that my “themes” were more like morals for common subjects. Having ghost in the title is a dead give away for paranormal but it’s not really a topic that I want to be the moral of a children’s book. Maybe it can be a another simply entertainment book, we’ll see.


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