A Helping Hand

“Are you there? Don’t worry, we’re not going to hurt you.” After shouting in the end of the hallway, he continued into the only room in front of him. What followed was a sorry sight of a room, signs of abandonment made clear from a nearly empty and dusty space. Finally deciding to enter, he swiveled his head around getting an open view of snot green walls and stopped once an image started to slowly appear in front of him.

In what was once an empty space in the room, now held a young adolescent girl in plain view. Her modest attire of a pale red and white checkered shirt waist dress seemed to belong to a past generation. Actually her dress wasn’t the only pale thing on her, the girl seemed almost translucent, as if she wasn’t really there and that she might disappear if there was more adequate sun light from the worn-out shades on the only windows behind her.

“So that’s what you look like.” He looked behind him to see his friend cautiously entering the room after him and called out to her, “Di, you can take off the goggles now, she’s not invisible anymore.” His associate moved her protective eyewear to rest on top of her head and with the naked eye, found an old-fashioned looking young lady in the center of the room.

Blinking twice, his cohort responded, “Whoa, that’s what we’ve been chasing? She looks pretty much my age…I think.” Looking back at their recently visible guest, the young man started, “Well, I know you met Diana over here, she’s actually really sweet when she’s not coming after you.” He placed his hand on his chest and continued, “And you can call me Marco, Miss…?” As the ethereal girl saw Marco’s eyes, she darted from his gaze for a second, and responded quite softly, “A-Allison.” Diana walked over to their shy guest and held out her hand with a genuine smile, “Well nice to meet you Allison, sorry about before but if you still want to be friends…”

Both girls sauntered towards each other to meet their hands but just as they tried to grasp, Allison’s hand simply passed through Diana’s like it was never even there to begin with. After this the girl quickly recoiled her hand and looked away from the others while keeping it close to her chest. “Aw don’t feel bad about it, I think it’s kind of cool actually. If you think about it.” Allison looked up to see a wide smile on the teenage girl in front of her and couldn’t help but crack a small one herself.


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