Inter-Species Arcane Realm (Current Era)

Well that concludes the rough timeline of the Arcane Realm. It’s been a long process outlining an entire world’s history but I’ve had fun learning things about real world events and periods that I didn’t know before and seeing how my fictional world would differ in its progress. I might come back and tweak them as needed but for know they should give a good general idea of the setting that a particular story could take place in. Well I hope people found these interesting!

Analogous Era: Information/Digital Age, Near-Future
Genre/Setting: Post-Cyberpunk/Bio punk/Dungeon punk
Power- Electric grid, Mana power station, hydroelectric dam, wind turbine, solar panel farms,

Transportation- bullet train, overboard, hovercraft, hover-boots, personal helicopter propulsion, wheeled automobile, cable car, grappling hook, hover bike, Jet Pack,

Medicine- prescription pill, topical agents, vaccination, stem cell therapy, bone marrow transplant, regenerative cloning, nuclear medicine, dream recorders
Cooking- frying, broiling, gas grill, charcoal grill, slow cooker, pressure cooker
Food storage- refrigerator, deep freezer, flash freezing
Communication- cellular phones and towers, high definition color television, high definition radio, internet(Sonfar), internet radio, video phone, 3D film, Translator Collar
Weaponry-Hand pistol, Shotgun, Assault Rifle, Automatic guns, Taser, Stun batons, Riot Shield, Coil gun, Rail gun rifle, Superheated Blade, touch activated gemstones, portable particle throwers, Ectoplasm nozzles, Ionized Plasma Barriers, Kinetic Drop Satellites, Electrolaser, smoke-bombs, EMP, pulse hand grenade, acid grenade, enchanted ammunition, Plasma Cannon, Powered Armor, Sonic Stunner, Vibro Weapon
Living Races:
Have significant residence in cities/suburbs
  • Djinn
  • Fairy
  • Homin
  • Lamia
  • Bakeneko
  • Inugami
  • Genius Loci (some)
  • Merfolk
  • Harpy
  • AGI
  • Huli Jing
  • Tanuki
  • Giant (some)
  • Usagi
  • Jorogumo (few)
  • Oni (few)
  • Dryad (few)
  • Homin
  • Fairy
  • Merfolk
  • Lamia
  • Harpy
  • Huli Jing
  • Tanuki
  • Tengu
  • Okami
  • Usagi
  • Amazon
  • Giant
  • Elementals
  • Dryad
  • Genius Loci
  • Jorogumo
  • Yukionna
  • Kappa
  • Oni
Avoided/spurred by civilization
  • Demons

Significant Events

  • Individuals challenge and subvert stereotypes about their species and ethnic races, lessening prejudices and providing more opportunities
  • Progressive (societal issues), young adult love, club/house become the popular and dominant subjects for music
  • Alchemical reactors are reworked into turbine-like mana power stations which are safer and more efficient. Smaller portable gemstone stations are sold as generators for family houses.
  • Stem-cell research brings medical and cosmetic advances for hospitals like spray-on skin cultures, and low rejection rates for organ transplants.
  • Utility Belts become  common for service based employment or in large treetop cities for movement devices like grapnel hooks
  • Integration of information based technology into household and commercial settings causes it to rapidly increase; Sonfar network is set up as a way to link the information between all public databases that can be accessed by magic books or computers complete with program, hacking, and virus spells.
  • A large amounts of conservation efforts are begun to counteract the effects of anthropological resource use and climate changes.
  • Various ruins and artifacts from advanced ancient Lunarians are still continually being discovered.
  • Marine Merfolk construct a few undersea cities for terrestrial species using reinforced glass and plastic, powered by geothermal vents.
  • Electronic games become a  popular form of entertainment and form of media. Magic energy speeds up the advancement of augmented reality games.
  •  A recently popular activity amongst the young and less young these days is the recreation of the classic age of guilds via dungeoneering. These large, commercial and often underground buildings attempt to recreate the dungeons of old. While the traps, weapons and monsters are benign in nature, the mood and setting are known to create a strong sense of presence. Such activities are often compared to a real life RPG.


Analogous Era: Information/Digital Age, Near-Future, Solar punk

Power– Mana power stations, fusion nuclear reactors, Ectoplasm-electric convertors
Transportation– desert animals,  hovercraft, monowheels, hover bikes, personal spacecraft, airliner space rockets, Artificial Gravity, Dowsing Device, Inertial Dampening, Jet Pack, Orion Drive, Ramscoop, Solar Sail, Reinforce Field, Dimensional Portal Generators
Medicine– nuclear imaging, nano-surgery, tissue regenerating prosthetic, nano machine blood scrubber, x-stat, vaccination, gene therapy, neural relaxers, portable x-ray viewers
Cooking– pit roasting, microwave, hearth oven, pressure cooker, slow cooker, stir frying
Food storage-flash freezing, vacuum seal packs, irradiation, preserve jars
Weaponry– Coil guns, Rail gun rifle, electrolaser, superheated blades, super-chilled blades, deflector shield generators, EMP, mana-charged gemstones, anti-magic zone generators, microwave gun, Plasma Cannon, Wave-Motion Tuning Fork, Wave Motion Gun

Communication- Audio headsets, Cellular phone, Video Phone, Holographic TerminalFacial Recognition Software, Arcana Database

Living Races:

  • Lunarians
  • Qarin Faye
  • Gyokuto
  • Elves

Siginficant Events

  • Lunarians periodically use satellites and man spacecraft to monitor the events of both Kaf and the Earth.
  • Qarin Faye on the lunar surface develop cultural practices and technology meant to benefit natural flora and maintain ecological balance like those of Kaf Faye.
  • Arcana database serves as a network similar to the Sonfar on Kaf.
  • Several advanced models of spacecraft are made via competition between private companies and government agencies.
  • Rabbit henge (Gyokuto) make sizable populations on Qarin praries and woodlands, along with Elves who roam these places and part of the desert region.
  • Telescoping technology emerges in developed societies and revolutionize personal travel and storage.
  • Lunarians enjoy new age of prosperity as separate cultures that differ in mode of living allow fluidity of travel, allowing adults to explore and live in any culture they wish.
  • Genetic manipulation/therapy is fairly commonplace in but is strictly regulated by international law. Enhancing existing abilities is legal; adding new ones to the point of trans-humanism is illegal. Alliance soldiers routinely partake in some basic genetic modification to improve lifespan and resistance to disease upon entering the military, and almost all children are screened before or just after birth and provided treatments to fix genetic defects.
  • Bladeless wind turbines generate electricity by shaking, not spinning.
  • Biggest government expenditure is on science research and scientists are the biggest celebrities.
  • Biochemists with hugely popular talk shows for adults and children.
  • Morning radio giveaways to the first caller who can correctly answer a physics problem.
  • Children styling their clothing after personal protective equipment and decorating it with fake chemical splashes.

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