Hello wordpress world, my name is Jonathan. I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York and thought if I was going to make a blog this is as good a place to start.

This blog is about the various things that I find interesting, relevant and share with those who care to listen.

In addition, the blog with have posts concerning the literary/media series that I am currently working on. So far I am working on two major projects (well really three but one ties into another so…) and a lot of what I blog that is not specifically about them are at least related to topics and themes that they touch upon.

What projects am I working on?

Vanessa the Venus Fly Trap:

Format: Book Series (traditional picture book and likely e-book)

Age Group: Children’s (ideally 5-8  years of age)

Genre: Contemporary Fiction

Vanessa Fly Trap is a fictional story whose premise is based on a 12-year old Venus Fly Trap and her younger brother living with an adopted Caribbean family in Brooklyn, New York. They involve their various day to day activities quirks and adventures with their friends in Park Slope and neighboring…uh…neighborhoods.

This story is my first original idea (since I was eight but I became invested about it in 2010) and is ultimately planned to become a book series for children. The story also exists in old character art, comic strips, small zine-like books I made after grade school, a recent small collection of comic panels, and drafts of the first book’s script that I plan on posting in the blog.

Arcane Realm: 

 Format: Literature, potentially multimedia

Age Group:Varies on piece, majority all ages

Genre:Within Fantasy,  sub-genres vary on piece

Most Common Subgenres: Contemporary, Arabian, Wuxia, Fairy Tale Retellings, Paranormal, Science Fantasy

The Arcane Realm is a constructed fantasy world on another planet in another planet featuring mostly non-human characters. The setting itself is a parallel pocket dimension reachable from Earth through the Bermuda Triangle or the Devil’s Sea, on a separate planet called Kaf and its moon Qarin. In the stories built around the world, characters are aliens that not only resemble mythological beings but can also use magic, not to mention other native species like the ”Kaf Humans” or cyborganic androids. The focus for this series is on the personal stories of various characters I introduce, their cultures, and the places they travel.

The approach with this one is that I wanted it to be an anthology of stories that all take place in this world. However I also wanted to stories to have different moods and themes by being set in different fantasy sub-genres and even mixing them with other ones like adventure, romance, paranormal, drama, science-fiction, or comedy. A lot of this done by taking place amoung certain eras of the shared world’s timeline; for example one of the eras that I plan to use the the most is a contemporary fantasy setting with some near futuristic technologies. Some stories may also involve going into the history of the world or involve its interactions with the Earth on occasion.

The form these are planned to take is mainly an anthology of short stories and maybe a few comic strips or panels in the future. Ideally it would something like a collection of fairy tales. And because I am being more loose with this series, I am considering the option of allowing other people write and draw stories taking place in the Arcane Realm, particularly for subgenres I am not familar with. Of course I have to build a fanbase first and provide them with a decent amount of the worldbuilding…

What exactly should I expect from this blog?

Ah yes, good question. Well first off I will post my progress with these two series, which will usually be in the form of written works or drawings and illustrations. There are catergories for sections specific to each series about the particular posts I will make for each; for example Concept Art posts will have various Vanessa Fly Trap character and background art while Sentient Species will have posts describing the fantasy races of the Arcane Realm.

Since their might be stretches of time when a creative work is taking longer than I would like, I will also reblog posts that are related to the themes and topics that my series touch upon. For example those posts/reblogs related to Vanessa Fly Trap include these topics:

  • Promoting Diversity
  • Public Education
  • Child psychology and development
  • Personal Finance (particularly building the foundation while young)
  • Racial issues from personal perspectives
  • Perspective of mixed race people
  • Cultural practices and rituals
  • Cartooning/Animation
  • New York City and Landmarks

Posts related to Arcane Realm include these topics:

  • Writing
  • Worldbuilding
  • Fantasy Conventions
  • Science Fiction Conventions
  • World History
  • Anthropology
  • Environmental Biomes
  • Seldom Seen Animals

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