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A Big Announcement

Today is the day I announce an upcoming project of mine. Im talking about the future plans for Vanessa Fly Trap, a comedy series I’ve been developing for years. For the longest time now, the problem for me was how to actually get started in a way that was most comfortable for my position.

I am happy to announce that Vanessa Fly Trap will take the form a webcomic, as this is the media most efficient for updating with the tools available to me and for future prospects with the content I have planned. Vanessa Fly Trap will first be hosted on Tumblr, with it being available on other sites later. At this time I want to start with a mid-April release but more details will be revealed closer to the date. Hope everyone enjoys when it comes out!


The Likes & Hobbies of Vanessa’s Friends

So the main characters of Vanessa Fly Trap, like Vanesa herself, Kate, and Tony have friends that they hang out with like most kids do. Most of them I have down but a few of them I’ve been giving a few tweaks here and there before they appear in the stories proper. Here is a list of their likes and hobbies to give you an idea of them, though a few things might change down the road.

Tatiana Maharaj

Indian fashion, sewing, shopping, yoga, bollywood movies, platforming games, Soca, Dance hall, Chutney music, texting, Austin and Ally, Jessie, Avengers Assemble, Steven Universe, Amazing World of Gumball, Haunted Hathaways, Every Witch Way

Karyme Santiago

Trying on new hairstyles, hairdressing, swimming, working out, reggaeton, Zumba, Chess, Texting, KC Undercover, Gravity Falls, Jessie, Pokemon, Steven Universe, Every Witch Way, The Thundermans

Ollie Wright

Soccer, Basketball, Hiking, Camping, Shooting video games, Dubstep, House music, Marvel Superheroes, Uncle Grandpa, Amazing World of Gumball, Star Wars Rebels, Adventure Time, Teen Titans Go!, Ultimate Spiderman, Avengers Assemble, Agents of Smash, Pokemon, TMNT, Spongebob, The Thundermans

Marcus Coha

Martial arts, Basketball, Arcade fighters, Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Calypso, House music, Star Wars Rebels, Ultimate Spiderman, Avengers Assemble, Agents of Smash, TMNT, Pokemon, Mighty Med, Amazing World of Gumball,  Haunted Hathaways

Thomas (Tuma) Paniyuk

Stargazing, poetry/songwriting, sledding, Martial Arts, Baseball, music, Gravity Falls, Ultimate Spiderman, Avengers Assemble, TMNT, Clarence, Lab Rats, Steven Universe, Amazing World of Gumball, The Thundermans

Janice Miller

Tea parties, Cute things, her rabbit, Nintendo, Martial Arts, Pop, Electronic music, Gravity Falls, Phineas and Ferb, Wander Over Yonder, Adventure Time, Pokemon, Amazing World of Gumball, 7D, Every Witch Way,

Andrés Santiago

Skateboarding, biking, parkour, Soccer, music, Checkers, DC superheroes, Penn Zero, Avengers Assemble, Agents of Smash, Pokemon, Steven Universe, Regular Show, Adventure Time, TMNT, Mighty Med, Lab Rats,  Amazing World of Gumball, Haunted Hathaways,The Thundermans

Amber (Meiying) Emiola

Martial Arts, bugs, Climbing trees, Flower collecting, Pop, R&B, bird watching, gardening, Phineas and Ferb, Steven Universe, Pokemon, Amazing World of Gumball, Spongebob, The 7D

Vanessa Fly Trap Comics: Get Out There

This week is the first Vanessa Fly Trap Comic I did, “Get Out There”. I made it with the intent of establishing the relationship between Vanessa and her brother Victor. Victor doesn’t like particularly like other people and certainly doesn’t go out of his way to accommodate them or go out to meet them. He would much rather spend his time at home reading books, browsing the web, or working on an invention. His sister is basically the polar opposite and is constantly trying to get him outside and bring him along when she goes to see her friends. This comic plays with that particular dynamic show how each sibling tries to work with the other, Enjoy!

Page 1(Text)

Vanessa Fly Trap Comics: Cover Page

Hello there fellow readers! Some of you might know I’ve been working on writing and drawing my children’s book but what if I told you that I actually drew a few comic pages revolving around the main characters. This week I will be showing 1 per day with a brief look into what I was thinking at the time. If those get a lot of comments, likes or support, I might start drawing more comics with more characters from this project.

So with further ado, the cover page of the comic I made all the way back in 2012, unedited with the old logo.

1Vanessa Cover(New)

Vanessa Fly Trap Characters: Georges Scout

Georges is the father of Tony and Kate Scout and the adoptive father of Vanessa and Victor Sprout.


Georges Portrait

He is a well built man with a tan complexion. His current style is his brown hair with a spiky top and darker highlights in the front, along with a thin beard and even thinner mustache.

He typically wears a blue polo shirt sporting the male symbol in front and khaki jeans with his brown sneakers.


Georges was born in Cap-Haïtien, Haiti to a small family including his older brother. Often his brother was aloof and he didn’t like the way he was raised by his strict and overtly religious father.

His first trip to the US was as an exchange student in high school, where he met Elizabeth. Soon she convinced him to college in America to further his study in civilian engineering. He started off as the students handyman until he got a job with a New York Building firm. He worked as a reinforcing iron worker, moving from residential to commercial and industrial construction. When Elizabeth decided to adopt Vanessa and Victor, he wasn’t about it at first but he warmed up to them as well.


Georges isn’t too hard to get along with: he’s patient, very steady under pressure, and isn’t fussy about whose company he keeps. He also has a sense of humor and an excellent memory, and enjoys limericks, funny jokes, and good conversation. Like most Haitian men he adores a good malt drink and coffee in the morning.

Something of importance to Georges is how he views society and how it affects his family. It might have something with growing up in a strict family but Georges isn’t as hung up on things like following the crowd and often encourages his family to focus on what they like instead of listening to what they should like. He also strives to be there with advice when he can and give his opinion on how to solve a problem.

He does however like going at his own pace with things. For some this makes him slow and he tends to not be the best with deadlines.

His parenting style started off focusing more on responding to his kids and being very nurturing and loving to avoid confrontation. However this led to him being seen more like a friend than a parent by toddler Tony and instead of punishment he had to use bribery with toys, gifts, and food to get him to behave. With a new baby, he knew he was being too permissive so he worked with his wife to make his rules and punishments more consistent. However he still takes the time to be there for them after their punishment is over.

Likes: Malt drinks, coffee, comedy movies, superheroes, teaching his kids Haitian Creole, changing people’s expectations, Kompas music, progressive values, dance hall,

Dislikes: When his wife worries, caramel, butterscotch, the Deep South, stubborn types, certain conservative values, rushing through things

Hobbies: building model planes and ships, blogging, jogging, biking, wood crafting, Dominoes, Poker, making small metal sculptures



  • Elizabeth is his wife.
  • Tony is his son and first child
  • Kate is his daughter and second child
  • Vanessa is his adoptive daughter
  • Victor is his adoptive son
  • Marlin
  • Tyrone
  • Paulani
  • Jean-Baptiste
  • Wood crafting
  • Fixing things
  • Native Haitian Creole Speaker
  • Fluency in French and English
  • Model building
  • Construction
  • Welding

Vanessa Fly Trap Characters: Elizabeth Scout

Elizabeth is the mother of Tony and Kate Scout and the adoptive mother of Vanessa and Victor Sprout.


Elizabeth Portrait

Elizabeth has dark brown eyes which match her medium brown complexion. She also has wavy black hair that reaches past her shoulders. She typically wears an outfit consisting of blue jeans and a pink top with the female symbol in the front. She is usually seen sporting her burgundy flower earrings.

Elizabeth was born in the U.S.A. to two Jamaican parents. As such she is fluent in American English and Jamaican patios (especially when she is angry). She was the youngest, with an older sister and brother.
She met her future husband in her senior year of high school, and he decided to go to her college. There she also met Vanessa’s mother and became good friends with her. After having two children of her own, Elizabeth adopted Vanessa and Victor when their parents where no longer able.


Elizabeth is an optimist in her own abilities and maintain a high opinion about herself. Being goal-oriented, she has confidence and drive but may be condescending or use a forceful approach (like dogged persistence) to get what she wants. When things go different than expected, she tends to over-analyze the decisions that need to be made. This can make her appear indecisive while she takes her time, sorting through the various outcomes she considers. As such, she is not a quick decision-maker, and can become flustered when things happen too swiftly, and doesn’t like surprises very much. However she is known for taking decisions on a whim sometimes, and she is rather stubborn once she has made up her mind about something.

She can have trouble admitting she is wrong, but will eventually confide advice from other sources like her husband. Also no matter the goal or roles she strives for, she keeps her priorities in check, like making sure to make time for her family.

Her parenting style is generally authoritative, and she is the one who most often establishes the rules and guidelines that her children are expected to follow. When Tony and Kate were toddlers, she was more authoritarian and punished them when they misbehaved. Georges influence however shifted her to explain the reasoning behind her discipline and be more responsive to her children. However she lets them know she’s serious when she raises her voice.

Likes: Fried sweet plantains, taking charge, her parrot Penki, dance-hall music
Dislikes: People changing things without telling her, deadlines, aloof attitudes
Hobbies: Trying out new recipes, teaching her kids how to cook, Sudoku, writing poetry, dancing at weekend clubs, gardening


  • Georges is her husband
  • Tony is her son and first child
  • Kate is her daughter and second child
  • Vanessa is her adopted daughter
  • Victor is her adopted son
  • Danielle
  • Whitney
  • Paulani
  • Stefani


  • Cooking: Baking, frying, grilling
  • Taking leftovers and putting into new recipes
  • Doing arithmetic and algebra in her head
  • Excellent dancer
  • Speaking Jamaican Patios
  • Forming a plan of action/managing multiple people and tasks

Comparing Sketches

Here is two drawings I made of Tony and Kate’s parents a couple of years back

Original Georges

original Elizabeth

original Elizabeth

And here are more recent drawings/redesigns of them I did over the summer as mentioned in this post:

Scan_20140809 (3)

Scan_20140809 (5)

I felt like George in particular needed a redesign, I always feel like I have a tough time making my male characters stand out. Well, let me know what you think in the comments!

Experimental Sketches

Some recent sketches, playing around with some Vanessa Fly Trap character designs

Kate Scout

Tony Scout

The early steps of a Book Series

I might have mentioned on this blog before that one of the things I am undertaking is a book series for children: Vanessa Fly Trap.

And as such I have thought about a variety of things such as how many books do I want to make?, what format sholuld they be in?, where can I find a publisher who promotes book series for kids well? What should the first one be about? And there are probably more questions I should be asking about this.

Normally I write down my musings in a small notebook planner but today, I decided to blog about it. The first three books have the most developed plots so far but for I have a general idea of the conflicts and themes touched upon. Namely the books that I’m currently thinking about for the Vanessa Fly Trap series:
1.Flea Fury
Themes: Environmentalism, but mostly just silly fun
2.Time to Potty
Themes: Potty Training, Gender Roles, Girl’s Choices
3.A Cold War
Themes:Immune System, Public health
4. Signature Style
Themes:Ethnic Identity & Awareness
5. Wushu Fighting
Themes:Martial Arts, Exercise
6. Park Prospects
Themes: NYC Landmarks, Outdoors
7. Ghost with the Most
Themes: Paranormal? *
8. Downtown Flower
9. No Child Bored Again
Themes: Education (Public/Private)
10. Resturant Ruckus

*I only put that there because I realized during this post that my “themes” were more like morals for common subjects. Having ghost in the title is a dead give away for paranormal but it’s not really a topic that I want to be the moral of a children’s book. Maybe it can be a another simply entertainment book, we’ll see.

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