Practical Philosophy

If you asked what philosophy was a year ago, I probably would not be sure of what you were talking about. I would probably say it was about people who thought about thinking, mostly popular in ancient Greece because of Plato and Socrates, and that’s about it.

I had a very neutral feeling toward this discipline, well maybe a bit negative of an opinion after a college friend was just too eager and explained an important concept in one of the most confusing and terrible ways imagined. It allowed me to dismiss the discipline for a while, made easier when there are little to no influences of it in what I consider American popular culture like media.

That changed a bit when I stumbled upon the School of Life channel on YouTube. In a nutshell, the School of Life is focused on sharing ideas that focus on aspects of living not traditionally taught in compulsory education. Mainly things like how live wisely, how to find out what could make you happy, or understanding insecurities and how to be kinder, that sort of thing.

What I found interesting where their videos on philosophy, explaining what it really means and also appealing to my historical interest by showing the philosophies of thinks from west and east.

Admittedly this post may come across and endorsment to the organization, thought that’s not my real intention. I just wanted to say that I no longer think that philosophy is some old people talking about how people should behave, and their is practical merit to it. It also helps that another channel on YouTube I enjoy, Crash Course has recently started a series on Philosophy, now that is definitely an endorsement,  you should go watch it! And check out the School of Life if you wish.


A Big Announcement

Today is the day I announce an upcoming project of mine. Im talking about the future plans for Vanessa Fly Trap, a comedy series I’ve been developing for years. For the longest time now, the problem for me was how to actually get started in a way that was most comfortable for my position.

I am happy to announce that Vanessa Fly Trap will take the form a webcomic, as this is the media most efficient for updating with the tools available to me and for future prospects with the content I have planned. Vanessa Fly Trap will first be hosted on Tumblr, with it being available on other sites later. At this time I want to start with a mid-April release but more details will be revealed closer to the date. Hope everyone enjoys when it comes out!

Crafting a Presentation

So starting since November, I’ve been working at a public middle school, I.S. 30. One day the 6th graders go to an assembly to meet an author that none of us tutors were familiar with. It was Jerry Craft, author of Mamma’s Boyz and many other works as a cartoonist like graphic novels. He was a blast with the kids and I like how he started out a lot like did except I didn’t go to and school. The Mama’s Boyz website has a great bio on him I recommend to look at (along with his other works):


A New Bi-Weekly Segment

So I’ve realized something walking down the street today, namely that I think a lot. I’m  a fan of a lot of franchises in television, video games, manga, and related media. I also have a lot of opinions and enjoy telling other’s about them so that should give you an idea about what comes next.

Eclectic Aficionado 

eclecticadjective- deriving ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources

aficionado– noun- a person who is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about an activity, subject, or pastime.

So starting in March, I will write an article that will analyze something in one of my favorite franchises.  At the beginning, I want to do keep this up every two weeks to expect a consistent schedule. It might be a look into what I enjoy about a character or a particular story arc, what I’ve observed about a company and their decisions, even the dreaded questions on what is going on in a particular fandom. (I might even do an article on why fandoms might be dreaded…).Regardless, I hope you’re looking forward to it and I can keep up interesting content.

New Projects

Hope everybody had a good holiday. It’s been a while since my last entry but a couple of things have been going on for me.

First is that I’ve found a website called TerraChronica, to make a wiki for my fantasy world the Arcane Realm. The reason I like it is because their is a lot of presets made for those building a world. As such most of updates to that world will be on that site as my main worldbuilding website for now. If you’re interested here is my world:

Also I have too many things I want to work at one time which ironically has been keeping me from getting started on any of them. To remedy this, I’ve set up a sort of plan for what I want to do for my next project.

First I will be setting up a project called Wiki Trio: Headcanon Journeys. Its a fancomic based on old crossover adventure I though of as a middle schooler. Only what and who will be featured is updated to my current tastes so expect a lot of nods to fandoms if you decide to check it out.


About Reading Recommendations Reviewed

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Kanya the Homin

Kanya Homin

So here is a picture of my character, Kanya. She is a humanoid alien known as a homin, who typically live in forested areas on the planet, Kaf.  In particular is a tropic homin, an ethnotype typically found in the tropical rainforest and their signature combo of frizzy hair and epicanthic eye folds.  This time I added a background similar to her home village so I don’t always keep my characters in blank white space, I hope it becomes a trend as it looks nice to me. Let me know what you think!

Spiritual Safari (Chapter 2)



Night fell on the jungle after a long and adventurous day of foraging and avoiding predators. All of the homins retired for the night after the adults used large broad leaves, leafy branches and moss gathered to make their nests. Up in the highest treetops they could find, the children cuddled up next to their parents before going to sleep. Somachi laid in the same moss laden bedding as his father but unlike him, the young man was still awake thinking out saving the girl from the predatory raptors. Often when his mind was keeping him awake, he tries to listen to the sounds made below in the jungle.

Tonight, sounds of the rainforest were different than what he was used to. Somachi looked over to where his father was sleeping. “Father, there’s something out there, should we see what it is?” echoed in his mind. Before he touched his dad, he stopped his hand and retracted it. “What am I doing?” he thought to himself, “I’m supposed to be one of the men of this tribe now, I can’t have him do everything for me.”

From there, he decided to move out of his nest and move out into the darkness of the night. Somachi crouched as he moved along one of the great branches keeping their dwelling stable on the tree. He looked up to the starry sky to navigate but even the celestial lights couldn’t break through the pitch black understory below. Luckily he remembered his magic skill, and once again summoned the mystical flame in his palm. The brilliant azure glow emitted from the magic substance floating just above his hands was more than enough to see around him in 3 foot radius.

Climbing slowly down the trunk with one hand open to see the way, he stopped at the last branch he could see. He wrapped his tail firmly around it and hung below it upside down shining his light towards the forest floor. A few beetles scurried away but with nothing threating, Somachi landed and slowly walked towards the source of the rustling. As he walked he found what looked around him and found a lot of the trees had some of their bark stripped off. He gulped as he tried to figure out what could possibly be doing this.

He made his way past the foliage to an open clearing. Light from up above was provided by the full moon, stars and nebulas dotting the sky and reflected in the lake. With the ambient lighting, Somachi dispelled the magic in his hand and walked near the river bank to take in the sights. He watched the fireflies as they danced around the night sky flickering on and off.

Interrupting the moment was the return of rustling Somachi was following before. The curious homin make a break for the nearest bush he could find and crouched behind it for cover. At a bit left of his spot, out of the brambles came a mysterious figure walking towards the rushing brook. He took a peek around his shrub to make it out. It was a humanoid looking figure but it seemed too tall to be a homin and there was no sign of their signature tail behind it. It also wore some strange clothing over its body whereas everybody in Somachi’s band either had a loincloth or none at all.

Deciding to get a better look, he crept as softly as he could towards the person’s path until it stopped near the edge of the trees surrounding the water. It was here that he noticed the being was holding something in one of its arms. The other arm was raised in the air as flame similar to when the homins summon their magic appeared in its palm. However the familiar flame did something that Somachi was not prepared for. It became a strange circle in the air lined symbols and runes he didn’t recognize. With a sudden flash, the writing disappeared and a tremor radiated from where the caster was standing. Up from the ground, a mass of bamboo stalks grew straight into the sky, forming a pillar that was almost as tall as the trees. The mystical being placed what was in its arms inside of the summoned structure.

All this caused Somachi to fall backwards as he tried to process what he just saw. He was used to everyone that he knew making their own projectiles or crafting temporary things out of magic but this was something completely different. It definitely wasn’t a homin doing this, that’s for sure.

The drop of his body on the ground alerted the mage towards his presence and immediately the two met eyes. Now Somachi had a clear view of the adept magician in front of him. He could make out from the facial features and hips that she was likely a female. In fact, she appeared to be a tall olive skinned woman and resembled a homin but not only was she too tall, the toes of her feet were small, all together and pointing forward.

Her bright hazel eyes glared at him with an interesting mix of surprise and confusion.  In an attempt to avoid them, Somachi’s sight shifted to her odd dress, as he noticed strange shining rings from her ears and a reddish low-cut midriff-baring blouse. She also had wavy raven-black hair down to her waist, just above a low-waisted long skirt with a slit up the side. The light from her hand faded into the night as quickly as it came as she put both of them to rest on her hips. Her head titled up slightly as she asked, “Who are you?” Somachi’s mouth hung open as he heard the question echo in his mind but no sign of her mouth moving. He clenched his fist and got up from the ground to stand as tall as he could in front of her to reply, “I am Somachi, and I’d like to know what you’re doing here.”

Avoiding his question she stared at him as she inquired in his head, “How old are you?” He wasn’t sure if it was her or the jungle heat but he was starting to sweat under pressure. Hesitant to give her his true age, he responded, “I’m an adult in my band. Now again, what are you doing with those bamboo stalks?” The woman continued her own series of questions, “Are there any other homins with you?” Somachi was letting his frustration show as he gritted his teeth and raised his voice, “No, I’m the only one who came and they are far away from here, know tell me what you are doing with the trees and that thing behind you.” His fists where again radiating the flare now taking a violet-fuchsia hue towards the top.

She made a small laugh, the first sounds he heard from her that wasn’t in his head. She returned to the mental conversation with him with a smile to her face, “My, aren’t you a brave little one. Lucky for you, I have no intention of interacting with you and your people or causing harm to this forest.” Her own hands were generating a mystical flare similar to his own only it vanished and reappeared as a circle filled with more odd symbols underneath Somachi feet. “So I think you should calm down, you don’t want to hurt yourself right?” she asked with an air of superiority and holding the same innocent grin as before.

Realizing there was no chance of intimidating the mystery woman, he dropped the aggression and his magical charge. The stranger did the same and turned towards the plant structure before continuing their talk, “You don’t have to worry about this, I’m only keeping something precious to me safe. I suggest you do the same with those you love.” Before Somachi could get a word out, she vanished right in front of his eyes. The shock made him stand back and call out, “Are you still there?” With no response and no sign of anything malicious about her words or in the pillar of bamboo, Somachi made his way to return to his nesting area.

Back up in the treetops and laying in leaves, he found that his band was up during their period of nightly wakefulness. The children were playing a small game, the men were talking and the women were picking hanging fruits and flowers for the morning. As he returned to his father’s nest, he found him meditating. Preecha exited his trance as his son approached and asked him where he was when the others awoke. He asked his son where he was but Somachi just replied that he was looking for things to eat. The young homin wasn’t sure whether the others would believe a mysterious woman sprouting plants and disappearing from sight would be in the forest. After an hour or so, the homins went back to their nests to finish sleeping through the night. Even Somachi was finally able to rest though before he slept, he still couldn’t help but wonder about what other mysterious beings the jungle had to offer.

Watch “Nostalgia Critic: Are Kids Shows Better NOW Than Ever?” on YouTube

So cartoons have been part of my life since the beginning. As a 90’s kids, many of my cohorts liked the shows we grew up with as some where influenced by the animation renaissance thanks to Disney movies and Roger Rabbit. I also felt a lull in programming after 2005 but the new ten’s are really bringing it back. Hey, even Vanessa Fly Trap was made in the end of the 2000’s in my attempt to bring the 90’s inspiration via books/comics but now I’m glad I can get inspired but the depth of running children’s programming too.

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