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Uncommon diverse relationships

One day on a bus ride, I was thinking about the relationships of the parents of the characters from my projects, mainly Vanessa Fly Trap. So I thought to myself, there are a lot of mixed relationships that I don’t see very often in media that I view, whether it’s books, television, comics, video games. So using the major races I’m aware of, I made a list of the relationships I see the least, whether it is the main focus of a story or in the background.

  • Black woman and East Asian man
  • Black woman and Middle Eastern man
  • Black woman and South Asian (Indian) man
  • Black woman and Pacific Islander man
  • Black woman and Amerindian (Native American) man
  • Pacific Islander woman with an ethnicity besides White (Black, East Asian, South Asian, Hispanic/Latino, Pacific Islander, Middle Eastern)
  • Pacific Islander man with an ethnicity besides White (Black, East Asian, South Asian, Hispanic/Latino, Pacific Islander, Middle Eastern)
  • Amerindian men and women with an ethnicity besides White (Black, East Asian, South Asian, Hispanic/Latino, Pacific Islander, Middle Eastern)
  • Hispanic/Latinos with East Asian men and women
  • Hispanic/Latinos with Middle Eastern men and women
  • Hispanic/Latinos with South Asian men and women
  • Hispanic/Latinos with Pacific Islander men and women
  • East Asian woman with Hispanic/Latino man
  • East Asian woman with South Asian man
  • East Asian woman with Middle Eastern man
  • East Asian woman with Pacific Islander man
  • East Asian men with an ethnicity besides White and East Asian (Black, South Asian, Hispanic/Latino, Pacific Islander, Middle Eastern)

Keep in mind that I made this with a mainly American view of ethnicity so there may be a few groups missing depending on how your country views ethnicity. I am also aware there are regions of the world and one or two shows or books but I think my point is that there are a bunch of untapped potential in (American) fiction. That’s why in my stories in all of my projects, I will start to put more like these, for young couples, old couples, families, and childless couples. And no, I’m not eliminating same race couples but you can go outside to find those and they get plenty of representation. Of course I feel the best approach would be to start with them not in the main focus, as to not point them out as something “weird” or “other”. What are some ways that you think could get more representation for mixed race couples in media, or do you think we are at good balance right now and should take it slower? Let me know in the comments!


Vanessa Fly Trap Characters: Vanessa Sprout

Vanessa Sprout is a young Venus Fly Trap girl and the main character of the Vanessa Fly Trap series.



She is yellow-green with green leaves and has brown hair, usually with a purple flower adorned on top. Her casual wear consists of a purple turtle-neck sweater, blue jeans, and orange topped white sneakers. Being a flytrap is much shorter than people her age, being the size of a five-year old even though she is 12 years of age.


Vanessa takes pride in knowing about the people that enjoys being in her company and is particularly happy about herself when she predicts someone’s actions accurately or find gifts that they really like. This makes her a person that generally pleasent to be around.

And she enjoys making new friends out of unfamiliar faces and planning activities with those familiar. It gives her a joy that she want’s to share with her brother, Victor, who is less outgoing than her.

Although she is generally uses humor like understatements and puns to diffuse a problem with those she knows, she can become very frustrated and sarcastic with those who give her a bad impression due to stubbornness and similar traits. Most often she reacts to people and things she dislikes with exaggerated confusion (and sometimes sadness or disappointment, or less often, outrage).

At times she can also be self-centered in that she will often assume that her ideas are the best course of action in a situation. Typically this is when she sets her mind on an outing or adventure for everyone and expects it go pretty much as she pictures it.

Adoptive Mother: Elizabeth Scout
Adoptive Father:Georges Scout
Her brother is Victor and her adopted siblings are Tony and Kate.

  • Tony
  • Kate
  • Victor
  • Tatiana
  • Ollie
  • Andres
  • Janice
  • Karyme
  • Amber
  • Suzie


As a Venus Fly Trap, Vanessa can make her own food with only sunlight and water. She can also eat a variety of insects but hates roaches and says she never eats them. She can also stay submerged in water up to an hour due to being a swamp plant. She is also pretty fire resistant for a plant,  and moreso than most people.

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